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Communicating the Word

Traditionally, agnostics have been reluctant to communicate what agnosticism is all about. We have always been less activist in spreading our ideas than have believers or atheists. And this attitude is reflected, tongue-in-cheek, in our name and our motto. But we do expect those who seek ordination in the Apathetic Agnostic Church to seek out way to communicate our message.

The UCTAA is supportive of a low-key approach to introducing others to its teachings. We do not ask our clergy to go door-to-door, nor to stand on street corners handing out tracts.

So what do we expect?

There are any number of approaches.

Simply framing your ordination certificate and hanging it on your wall where it can be seen by others is a minimalist approach. It invites questions and comments, and provides an opportunity to send interested people to our web site.

If you have your own personal web site, we ask that you provide a link to the Church's site. It does not require a great deal of effort, but serves to bring the Church to the attention of visitors to your site. Or you can develop your own site dedicated specifically to agnosticism.

If you prefer to take a more active role, then respond when others bring up their religious views by talking about your own beliefs. Anyone who asks you whether you have been saved or born again deserves to be told exactly what your views are.

You may wish to download this tri-fold pamphlet (page 1 & page 2) and print copies (print the two pages back-to-back - due to differences in printers and margin settings, you may have to use the "scale to margins" or equivalent function when printing) - or design your own handout. Pass it on to those who press their religious literature on you. Or leave copies in any of those displays which provide brochures from all your local churches. And if you do design your own handout, please send us a copy to publish.

Also, Reverend Fouad of Montreal has prepared small cards which can be handed out of posted on bulletin boards in English and French. (MSWord format.)

And if you are prepared to spend money in communicating your beliefs, occasionally place an ad in your local paper amidst all those "thanks to St. Whatever" ads. A possible text would be "Losing belief in that Old Time Religion? For a new perspective, visit"

And if you have any further suggestions, let us know.

updated 4 July 2005