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Conduct of Ceremonies

Traditionally, religious officials have conducted ceremonies to mark the various stages of human life and other significant events. Clergy ordained by the Church of the Apathetic Agnostic may conduct such ceremonies.

Ceremonies may be conducted to celebrate events such as Birth, Adoption, Naming, Adulthood, Joining / Commitment, Marriage, Divorce, Funerals, Dedication of a Home, Changes of the Season, Changes of the Year. These are just a few examples. Feel free to celebrate other occasions.

In conducting ceremonies, it is important to remember the purpose is to celebrate the participants and to meet their needs, not to overtly promote the church. To this end, we suggest you work closely with those involved to develop the details of a particular ceremony. While you do not have to do anything you personally might find offensive [suggest they find another cleric] you should be prepared to be somewhat flexible, even to the extent of accepting some general elements of spirituality in the ceremony. However, the focus of any ceremony should be to obtain the blessing and support of those in attendance for the event [as differentiated from other religions where the blessing of a Supreme Being is sought.]

We request that sample ceremonies be submitted as they are developed by various individuals. In the interim, some guidelines and a few sample ceremonies are linked below.


The UCTAA has no problem with you requesting and/or accepting a reasonable donation for your services in conducting any ceremony. At minimum, you should expect to recover any costs you have incurred.